1 Killed and 17 Wounded in Biker Clubs Shooting, Police Say


A man was killed and 17 other people wounded after gunfire erupted at a party involving multiple motorcycle clubs on Saturday night in Cleveland, the police said.

Police officers responded to the scene at around 11:30 p.m. and found a 48-year-old man dead with multiple gunshot wounds, a police spokeswoman, Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia, said on Sunday.

The shooting began after a fight broke out, some people were ejected from the party and later returned, firing on other attendees, some of whom fired back, Sergeant Ciaccia said.

Many of the men and women who were wounded left the scene in private vehicles and arrived at hospitals throughout the city, she said.

Their injuries ranged from minor to serious.

“At this time it is believed that a total of 18 people were shot,” Sergeant Ciaccia said.

The shooting remains under investigation.


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