Want to Know Who Won Super Tuesday? Get Ready to Wait.


As Super Tuesday votes are counted, the major question will be how lots of delegates each prospect won.

We almost certainly won’t know the respond to for some time.

Let’s wander by way of the night time. The very first polls shut at 7 p.m. Japanese time in Vermont and Virginia, and we’ll begin having results before long afterward. We could know rapidly who received people two states.

We ought to also master relatively early which candidates won the three other states in the East: Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina.

Polls will near by 9 p.m. in seven other states, such as Colorado, Minnesota and Texas.

But the allocation of delegates to profitable candidates normally takes more time.

And here’s the crucial: we won’t know how the night has long gone over-all right until we get final results from California, which has 415 delegates to distribute — a lot more than 30 percent of what is at stake Tuesday. The polls shut there at 11 p.m. Eastern time, and it will just take a extensive time to depend all the votes.

The more Democratic a congressional district is, the more delegates it has. California’s 12th and 13th districts — in San Francisco and Oakland — have 7 delegates each, though the rest of the districts have four, 5 or 6.


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